Kaylin’s success story




6 lbs 4 oz. Her parents, Gina and Brian, couldn’t have been more proud. But only moments later, they knew something was wrong. Their precious baby had been born with a congenital heart disease. Doctors diagnosed Kaylin with Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart defect that affects only 3 of 10,000 babies born. At 9 months old, weighing only 8 lbs, Kaylin experienced open-heart surgery. The surgery went well and her parents were hopeful for their daughter’s future. Less than a year later, however, Kaylin started having seizures. Eventually diagnosed with epilepsy, life changed for Gina and Brian trying to provide the best care and quality of life for their tiny daughter. Because of Kaylin’s condition, her fragile body did not fully develop, causing her to endure many painful procedures and surgeries, including reconstructive surgery on her ears to improve her hearing at age 7. Her development has been slower than other children her age, though her spirit is just as bright – especially when she has her iPod to entertain herself.

Finding just the right caregiver has always been a struggle, until Gina was introduced to Helping Restore Ability. “If I didn’t have Helping Restore Ability, I don’t know how I would survive,” Gina says. “They not only help with dressing, feeding and bathing, they ensure we have quality assistance in our home that is safe and trustworthy. Peace of mind is everything as far as Kaylin’s well-being.”

When speaking with Gina, you hear not only the joy in her voice as she speaks about Kaylin, but also the relief she has knowing Helping Restore Ability is there to support her when she needs it. The caregivers that have come into their home do more than merely tend to Kaylin’s daily needs, they have also been known to curl up on the couch and read Barney with her, one of her favorite characters.

Gina and Brian have watched Kaylin grow into a young lady, and like any parents, they want her life to be as fulfilling as possible. With Helping Restore Ability, they know that aspiration can become a reality. Helping Restore Ability has been an integral part of Kaylin’s family for years now, working together to ensure a bright future for her.

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