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2016 Helping Restore Ability

Hand in Hand Luncheon

Friday June 242016 12:00pm – 1:30pm

The Joule

1530 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201  

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Keynote Speaker: Aron Ralston

Aaron RalstonAron Ralston 

Fearless Adventurer & Subject of the Film, 127 Hours


In 2003, Aron Ralston’s extraordinary human drama grabbed headlines around the world. An experienced climber and avid outdoorsman, Ralston was descending a remote Utah canyon alone when an 800-pound boulder broke loose, crushing his right hand and pinning him against the canyon wall. After nearly five days — without water and with no hope of escape — Ralston made a life-or-death decision. He chose life by severing his arm below the elbow, rappelling a 65-foot cliff out of the canyon, and trekking seven miles to find his would-be rescuers.


“I stepped out of my grave and into my life again.”   — Aron Ralston


Ralston documented his life-altering experience in the New York Times best-selling memoir, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, which was adapted for the big screen in the brilliant film, 127 Hours. The film stars James Franco as Ralston, and his performance, as well as the movie, have been nominated for numerous awards.

As an inspirational speaker, Aron Ralston moves audiences with his unforgettable story. An ordinary man pushed to the limits, Ralston demonstrates the human capacity for the extraordinary. He takes you on a riveting journey in which courage, perseverance, and the human spirit will defy the inevitable outcome. As he says: “May your boulders be your blessings. May you be able to embrace them. And may you find what’s extraordinary in yourself.”

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